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Pain Relief for Baby Boomers, Alternative Medicine and Weight Loss Boca Raton

Baby boomers are people who are aged between 51 to 70 years. The number of older people continues to grow and has reached levels that are unprecedented. This has created several issues among the Baby boomers such as conditions that are chronic and requires   regular use of pain killers from pharmacies thus creating high expenditures on prescriptions. In the U.S the older generation represents about 13.7% of the total population and this means that for every seven Americans, one of them belongs to the Baby Boomers generation.

Pain management continues to be an essential activity in America’s health care sector since most of the older population is faced with development of chronic illness. Any person experiencing back pain is always encouraged to visit a pediatrician who has various treatments for a back pain .As baby boomers continue to get older, they require an effective pain treatment .A quick look at various hospitals in the US reveals that the government is committed at reliving pain among the older people. The hospitals have charts about pain that were introduced by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Health Care Organizations ( JCAHCO).This is a requirement for health officers to get accreditation and is helpful to patients when it comes to rating the doctors and health facilities.

Options for managing pain

Chiropractic: This treatment that is commonly used for treating the back pain and neck pain .It brings relief to baby boomers very quickly unlike other drugs bought over the counter. According to majority of people in the US, the methods bring healing to almost 75% of those who undergo this treatment.

Massage Therapy: Undergoing a massage therapy is important for a person experiencing back pain. This is because it increases chemicals which act as natural pain relievers .At the same time Massaging helps in reducing the levels of hormones that bring stress and genes that bring inflammation and pain. In turn the muscles are relieved of being sore. It is recommended to massage moderately so that there is a deep pressure which activates the vagus nerve responsible for regulating heartbeat. The older people, when massaged are relived pain caused by a number of chronic conditions. According to studies, massaging are helpful in reducing pain, anxiety and nausea in people suffering from cancer and help in raising the level of white blood cells that fight cancer.

Acupuncture: Older people should be subjected to acupuncture treatment because it has shown to be effective in relieving a n array of pain conditions which impact elders such as carpal tunnel syndrome low back pain, fibromyalgia and myofascial pain. Patients who undergo acupuncture trials get a long-term pain relief more effectively than those who go for other conventional therapies.

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